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White Peppercorns

Net Wt. 11 oz

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About: White Peppercorns are premium black peppercorns with the outer layer of the berry removed leaving the cream-colored inner seed. Through the process of removing the outer layer of White Peppercorns give the peppercorns a slightly fermented, smooth mellow taste. It's a pantry staple particularly prized by European and Japanese Chefs. 

Taste and Aroma: Pungent, earthy, biting flavor.

Uses: Soup, potatoes, cream sauce, stir-fries, marinades & meat dishes.

Often used in dishes where a hot, peppery bite is desired but not the black flecks like in a creamy béchamel sauce & potato dishes.

Ingredients: White Peppercorns.

Net Wt: 11 oz (312g) | $0.91/ oz