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Net Wt. 2.8 oz

Truluck's Garlic & Herb Seasoning

Truluck's Garlic & Herb Seasoning

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Enjoy Truluck's notes on a restaurant quality seafood.

Fresh seafood is so delicious. It doesn’t need a whole lot to jazz it up. The idea of a seasoning dedicated to seafood is simply to complement the natural flavors and let the seafood shine through. That’s why Truluck’s Garlic & Herb Seasoning is herb and garlic heavy with less salt than you would probably expect.

It is really easy for me to go down the food nerd rabbit hole so I am really going to restrain myself here. Cooking great seafood requires just a few things. I’ll go over those and then give you a couple of tips. Here’s all you need:

**Pro Tip 1 – Pat your seafood completely dry before you season it. All of those extra juices and water will keep you from getting the texture and color that you are looking for unless you’re poaching it. For shame. Just kidding. You do you.

***Pro Tip 2 – High heat and oil are not your friends unless you are deep frying and I don’t care who tells you otherwise. There is a major difference between searing your food and burning your food. There’s a huge difference between frying your seafood in oil and gently allowing the natural sugars to caramelize. BE PATIENT!

****Pro Tip 3 – You worked hard on that fish. You were the picture of patience. Don’t ruin it by tearing it up with a beat up, thick, jagged spatula. Get a thin fish spatula so that you can showcase your hard work and get the accolades that you deserve.

Ingredients: Garlic, Onion, Salt, Monosodium Glutamate, Spices, Oregano.

Container: Glass jar with plastic dual flapper cap.

Net Wt: 2.8 oz (90.7g) | $3.57/ oz

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