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Net Wt. 1 gram

Spanish Saffron

Spanish Saffron

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About: An Ancient specialty spice that has ceaselessly captivated both culinary and artistic attention. Most notably, Saffron was artistically used to cover the ancient Roman streets for Nero's parades. Its culinary uses are equally as fascinating. Spanish Saffron famously poses nuanced gourmet flavors so delectable, it's twice as valuable as its Iranian counterpart. 

Spanish Saffron is incredibly delicate both in flavor and incorporation. You typically need only use 0.5oz in dishes for its' full effect. 

Taste and Aroma: Sweet, earthy, floral aroma & flavor.

Uses: Paella, rice, curry, pudding & stews.

Ingredients: Dried Stigmata of the Flower Crocus Sativus Linneus.

Net Wt: 1 gram 

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