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Net Wt. 10.5 oz

Southwest Chipotle Seasoning

Southwest Chipotle Seasoning

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About: A premium house blend of southwest flavors with a mild smoky taste and chipotle kick. It is amazingly versatile, easily incorporate into vegetable-forward or met forward dishes just the same. We also highly recommend mixing it up with some mayonnaise to make the perfect dipping sauce for sweet potato fries. A certified pantry staple! 

Taste and Aroma: Savory, earthy & spicy.

Uses: Beef, chicken, fish & vegetables.

Ingredients: Cumin, Salt, Garlic, Sugar, Bell Peppers, Paprika, Chipotle Powder, Spices.

Net Wt: 10.5 oz (298g) | $0.86/ oz

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