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Net Wt. 7 oz

Oak Smoked Cinnamon Powder

Oak Smoked Cinnamon Powder

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About: Our Oak Smoked Cinnamon Powder is simply our Saigon Cassia Cinnamon Powder smoked over post oak for 24 hours in Austin, Texas. The post oak imparts a touch of smoke which compliments cinnamon's spicy-sweet piquancy with a subtly savory quality that is noticeable even in more complex spice blends. Although, like any true star, it works best alone in cinnamon-centric dishes. 

Oak Smoked Cinnamon Powder is fresh on the culinary scene. The genius is in its simplicity, just as it's genius: what if cinnamon was smoked? The resulting subtle smokey quality is exactly what makes this spice transformative. It doesn't overpower and smack you in the face. Rather it delicately adds an exquisite smoke essence, adding depth to flavor profiles simultaneously reinvigorating classics, whether it be Smoked Cinnamon Braised Short Ribs or Smoked Cinnamon Scones.

Taste and Aroma: Spicy-sweet bite with a subtle savoriness

Uses: Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese, Greek Meatballs, Churros, Pork Loins with Cinnamon Apples, Cinnamon Babka, Moroccan-Spiced Baby Carrots, Cinnamon-Honey Crème Brûlée, Vietnamese Braised Beef, Cinnamon-Sugar, Palmiers, Bavarian Pot Roast

Net Wt: 7 oz

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