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Oak Smoked Garlic Pepper Salt

Net Wt. 13 oz

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About: Our Oak Smoked Garlic Pepper Salt is slow-smoked over real Texas Post Oakwood for 48 hours to capture the smoky essence that is Authentic Texas barbecue. Oak Smoked Garlic Pepper Salt brings that next level of flavor to many dishes. Its aromatic vibrancy gives off a wonderful wave of garlic, and oak smoke right before you take a bite. Oak Smoked Garlic Pepper Salt is a very versatile ingredient to have on your spice rack. It can be used as a finisher with just a little sprinkle on top to add depth of smoky flavor, or in place of salt & pepper in your favorite marinades.

Taste and Aroma: Savory with a rich smoke flavor & peppery bite.

Uses: Grilling steaks, pork, lamb, chicken, roasts.

Recipes: Smoky Salt Bloody Mary

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Garlic.

Net Wt: 13 oz (369g) | 1.18$/ oz