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Net Wt. 11.5 oz

Mexican Chile Salt Seasoning

Mexican Chile Salt Seasoning

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About: Mexican Chile Salt Seasoning is primarily a blend of chiles, lime, and sea salt. It's so tangy and mildly hot that is one of our most diversely used spices. It pairs equally well with sweet as it does with spicy. It adds a refreshing, citrusy, and piquant taste to a myriad of vegetables and fruits, particularly buttery corn and mango. It also adds depth of flavor in marinades &/or spice rubs for chicken, fish, shrimp, and steak.

Our Mexican Chile Salt Seasoning perfectly embodies the flavors of Mexican cuisine. It's bold, yet extremely versatile with the ability to bring our nuanced notes even in more obscure flavor combos, like hot chocolate. A little sprinkle is all you need to be transported south of the border!

Aroma & Taste: Salty, tangy, & mildly spicy

Uses: Guacamole, sprinkle atop fruits & vegetables (to enhance the natural sweetness, we prefer cucumber and melons!), flavor popcorn & potato chips, rim a glass for a margarita, michelada, and Bloody Mary.  

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Chile Pepper, Lime Peel, Lemon Peel, Paprika Extract, Rice Concentrate.

Recipes: Spicy Grilled Watermelon, Jalapeño Margarita, Michelada

Net Wt: 11.5oz (326g) | $1.138/ oz

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