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Net Wt. 10 oz

Maple Peppercorn Rub & Seasoning

Maple Peppercorn Rub & Seasoning

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About: Maple Peppercorn Rub & Seasoning is a gourmet blend that always pleases when grilling out with family and friends. The sweet maple flavor is perfectly balanced with a subtle garlic savoriness and a delightful peppery bite that lingers on the tip of your tongue. Transform any protein on the grill with this heavenly, peppery rub! Try sprinkling some Maple Peppercorn Rub & Seasoning on oven-baked bacon for a twist on the classic BLT.

As seen here on fruit and grits for a sensational sweet-savory start to your morning!

Taste and Aroma: Sweet & savory with a peppery bite.

Uses: Rub for steak, pork chops & salmon. Sprinkle on bacon, nuts & popcorn.

Ingredients: Sugar, Maple Flavor Powder (Dextrose, Artificial Maple Flavors, Corn Starch, Ethyl Alcohol, Tricalcium Phosphate, Propylene Glycol), Pepper, Salt, Spices, Rice Concentrate.

Net Wt: 10 oz (285g) | $1.03/ oz

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