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Net Wt. 20 oz

Hawaiian Red Sea Salt

Hawaiian Red Sea Salt

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About: Hawaiian-Style Sea Salt is a gourmet, all-natural combination of pure, solar-evaporated sea salt from the Pacific Ocean and purified alaea clay, harvested from the island of Kauai. This colorful salt is highly sought after for its Hawaiian-inspired flair and delicious flavor. This specialty spice is perfect for pork or brisket because the alaea clay in this salt naturally seals in moisture when roasting.

Taste and Aroma: Salt dried on volcanic clay for a saline flavor with a mineral undertone.

Uses: Rub for grilling & roasting pork, chicken, and brisket.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Red Alaea Clay.

Net Wt: 20 oz (567g) | $0.71/ oz

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