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Net Wt. 20 oz

Hawaiian Pink Sea Salt

Hawaiian Pink Sea Salt

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About: Hawaiian Pink Sea Salt is a gourmet spice with less mineral flavor and moisture than our Hawaiian Red Sea Salt. This incandescent pink salt gets its color is from Alaea clay (a volcanic bi-product). When sea salt is evaporated it mixes with this clay and gets its color from high amounts of iron oxide. The result is a salt that has a slight mineral flavor. It’s a perfect finishing salt for root vegetables, white fish, and pork.

Taste and Aroma: Saline flavor with a slight mineral undertone.

Uses: Rubs, fish, pork, vegetables & finishing salt.

Ingredients: Sodium Chloride (NaCl) approximately 91.36%.  Other Salts of Chloride and Sulfate containing approximately 0.04% Calcium, 0.15% Magnesium, and 0.10% Potassium  Baked Hawaiian Red Alaea (natural volcanic clay) – approximately 0.09%.

Net Wt: 20 oz (567g) | $0.71/ oz

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