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Net Wt. 20 oz

Hawaiian Black Lava Salt

Hawaiian Black Lava Salt

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About: Hawaiian Black Lava Salt is a gourmet spice made with pure Pacific sea salt and activated charcoal derived from coconut shells. Hawaiian Black Lava Salt is an exotic, sultry sea salt reminiscent of the famous black sand beaches of Hawaii. Unique Hawaiian-inspired sea salt is a stunning addition to any salt selection. This all-natural salt is perfect for use in salt mills and grinders or as a finishing salt to add dramatic contrast to any meal, Hawaiian Black Lava Salt is a perfect finishing salt on seafood, grilled pork, or the rim of a drink.

Taste and Aroma: Crisp flavor of sea salt.

Uses: Finishing salt on meats & salads.

Ingredients: Sodium Chloride (NaCl), Other Salts of Chloride and Sulfate Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Coconut Shell Charcoal.

Net Wt: 20 oz (567g) | $0.71/ oz 

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