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Net Wt. 14 oz

Greek Seasoning

Greek Seasoning

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About: Greek Seasoning is a blend of classic bright, citrusy spices with a peppery bite typically used in the Greek kitchen. Greek cuisine is incredibly rich and diverse; it's literally the culmination of thousands of years of cooking. Our Greek seasoning is as versatile as the Greek cuisine itself; it can be used on anything from chicken and fish to beef and vegetables.

Jazz up your favorite dishes or experiment with Greek cuisine! We encourage you to do both, particularly the latter. Greece has ancient roots and has been conquered numerous times; to explore Greek cuisine is to journey into the cradle of civilization itself. Grecians have been known to superbly accentuate dishes with a plethora of spices, as they have for thousands of years. Explore Greek cuisine simply with our Greek Seasoning, encapsulating the spices that captured the heart of Ancient Greece. 

Taste and Aroma: Bright, citrus with a peppery bite

Uses: Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Fish & Vegetables

Recipes: Moussaka, Souvlaki, Greek Lobster Pasta 

Net Wt: 14oz (396g)

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