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Net Wt. 7.5 oz

Garlic & Herb Blend

Garlic & Herb Blend

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About: This Garlic & Herb Blend is not only fresh and delicious but beautiful as well. This blend is so flexible it is only limited to one's imagination. Loved just as a salad topper, our Garlic & Herb Blend is incredible as a finishing touch on casseroles like mac & cheese, baked potatoes, roasted chicken, to prime rib. To get a crunchy toasty texture and flavor from the sesame seeds, add towards the end of baking, roasting, or grilling.

Taste and Aroma: Sweet & savory earthy flavor.

Uses: Added to sauces, & dressings; used as a topper for salad, roasted meats & vegetables.

Ingredients: Garlic, Sesame, Spices.

Net Wt: 7.50 oz (213g) | $1.37/ oz

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