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Net Wt. 7 oz

Butter Powder

Butter Powder

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Authentic Butter Flavor: Enjoy the rich, creamy taste of butter in a convenient powdered form. Our Butter Powder captures the essence of real butter without the need for refrigeration or melting.

Versatile Usage: Elevate your culinary creations with our Butter Powder's incredible versatility. Whether you're seasoning popcorn, enhancing the flavor of vegetables, soups, or sauces, or simply adding a delightful touch to freshly popped popcorn, our Butter Powder is the perfect ingredient.

Long Shelf Life: Stock your pantry with confidence knowing that our Butter Powder boasts an extended shelf life. Whether you're preparing for emergencies or planning your next outdoor adventure, trust our Butter Powder to remain fresh and flavorful for extended periods.

Convenient Packaging: Our Butter Powder is packaged in a convenient resealable bottle, allowing you to easily measure out the perfect amount for your recipes while sealing in freshness for later use.

Easy to Use: Experience hassle-free cooking with our Butter Powder. Simply mix it with water to create a creamy, buttery paste, perfect for spreading on bread, mixing into recipes, or drizzling over popcorn. Say goodbye to messy butter dishes and hello to effortless cooking!

Perfect for Travel and Camping: Lightweight and compact, our Butter Powder is a must-have companion for your outdoor adventures. Bid farewell to bulky butter containers and enjoy the convenience of flavorful butter wherever your travels take you.

Ingredients: Butter (Cream and Salt), and Buttermilk Powder. Contains: Milk

Net Wt: 7oz

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