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Net Wt. 8.7 oz

Amchur Powder

Amchur Powder

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About: Amchur Powder (made from dried strips of unripe mangos), is fruity and tart in flavor and often used as the magic ingredient in Indian dishes. This spice can be used as a souring agent in a number of dishes that need tanginess but not moisture. When used on meats the acid content will also tenderize during marination. Try adding Amchur Powder to braises, soups, stews or anything that would benefit from a little citrus zing.

Taste and Aroma: Tart and fruity

Uses: Chaat masalas, chutneys, pickles, marinades, and curries.

Ingredients: Dried Mango.

Net Wt: 8.7 oz (246g) | $1.14/ oz

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