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Morita Pepper

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About: Morita Pepper is a type of chipotle pepper made from jalepño pepper. Morita Pepper is richly flavored because it is smoked for less time than typical chipotle pepper. You'll notice it adds a completely unique flavor to dishes. 

Taste and Aroma: Sweet flavor.

Uses: Moles, stews, sauces & adobes.

Ingredients: Red Jalapeno Pepper.

SHU*: 23,000

Net Wt: 8 oz (228g) | $1.09/ oz

              16 oz (454g) | $1.11/ oz

*Scoville Heat Units (SHU) is the universal measurement of heat or pungency of a chile pepper. (example: Bell Pepper SHU: 0; Ghost Chile Pepper SHU: 1,000,000)